Latin & Chicano

This list includes Chicano (Mexican American), PuertoRican, and Cuban American Web resources, as well as sites that pertain toSalvadorans, Dominicans, Colombians, and Guatemalans residing in the US./p>


Providing a level playing field for all races in cyberspace.

Andanzas al Web Latino

Annotated and well-organized long list of predominantly Mexican American Internet and Web resources, by librarian Molly Molloy.

The Azteca Web Page

A research clearinghouse of Chicano and indigenous Mexican historic and cultural facts, definitions, and information; includes a chat room. In English; includes search engine.


The Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) is the largest Cuban American organization in the United States

Chapines Online

Major directory for Guatemalans online; includes many in the US. In Spanish.


Chicano/Latino Net is a major meta-site that points to academic research, creative arts, and community outreach materials. Focus on Chicano and general Latino materials, but increasingly includes links to Puerto Rican and some Latin American materials. In English (bilingual main menu)

Coquí Net

Major Puerto Rican Internet service provider, with many links to Puerto Rican sites. Strong island and Latin American focus. In Spanish (main menu in English)

Dominican Studies Institute

Brand new to the web, a description of this institute at CUNY, its programs, publications, activities, and contact information. While not currently a metasite, clearinghouse, or full directory, this site is nonetheless included because scholarly information on the Web and on Dominicans in the US is otherwise scarce. May it develop into a more content-rich resource, specific to Dominican materials and information on the Web. In English and Spanish.

EgoWeb: Felipe's Things Latino

Massive collection of unalphabetized and unannotated links from Felipe Campos, one of the Latino web pioneers. Focus on Chicano and Mexican sites; includes Latin American materials. One of the few sites that includes Latino gay and lesbian resources. In English (bilingual menus)

¡Guanacos Online!

Massive directory for Salvadorans online, in US, El Salvador, and abroad. In Spanish.

Guatemala, la tierra del Quetzal

Long list of unalphabetized links with brief annotations, organized by broad subject area. Includes some resources that look at Guatemalan identity and issues in the US. Fully bilingual with parallel sites in Spanish or English.

Hispanic/Latino News Service

Well-organized abstracting service of current news articles and editorials on Latino and some Latin American topics from Web news sources. In English; smaller, parallel Spanish site features abstracts of Spanish-language news articles from the Web

The Hispanic/Latino Telaraña

An extensive site that includes links to creative arts, careers, cultural centers, E-publications, newsgroups and mailing lists, and organizations. Focus is on Latin American, peninsular Spanish, and some Chicano, general Latino, Cuban American, Puerto Rican sites. In English (bilingual main menu); no search engine.

Hispanic Pages in the USA

Includes a few useful US Latino resources, particularly a "Who's Who of the Hispanic Web" directory and the e-journal Coloquio. Includes Chicano, Puerto Rican, Cuban American information; Latin American, peninsular Spanish, and Basque sites. Garish use of graphics detracts from the site. In English and Spanish (some sections in Spanish only).

HOLA: Hispanic On-Line Association

Organizes noteworthy Latino Web sites by language (bilingual, in English, etc.), and provides links, annotations, and grades to HOLA's selection of the best of the best (many of which are Latin American). Includes Hola! Magazine, shareware archives, a Web guide for children, and various networking tools.


One of the most inclusive sites, and definitely one of the easiest to search and browse. This massive site collects and annotates links ranging from arts, business, jobs & bilingual classifieds, education, history, government agencies, non-profit organizations, newspapers & magazines, personal pages. In English and Spanish (some sections bilingual)


The website of this well-known organization functions as a clearinghouse to their own weekly policy briefs, and includes much useful information such as a Congressional scorecard (detailing Senate and House votes by state and name), sections on immigration, Puerto Rico and the statehood question, voter rights, "English Plus," briefs on upcoming legislation relevant to Latino populations, and much more. Very well designed and timely. In English

Mexico's Index Channel

Previously, a numbered list of unalphabetized, unannotated links about immigration, Proposition 187, NAFTA, and news, with a focus on Chicano, Mexican, and general Latino sites. Smaller site than most, but useful focus. Update: Entire site has been enlarged and revamped with graphics and new sections on topics such as "Mexico for Kids," "Hurricane Season," and "Fighting Drugs" added. In English

Las mujeres

Biographical profiles on selected US Latinas and Latin American women, ranging from Julia Alvarez, Cristina García, Mary Helen Ponce, and Gloria Estefan to the ubiquitous Frida Kahlo and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz. Although the site seems quite likely to be making unauthorized use of some copyrighted material (reprinting entire articles from periodicals and reference books not online), at least the sources have been cited. Includes many web links for each profile.

National Council of La Raza

Well-organized Web site from this policy focused organization provides extensive annotated lists of NCLR publications for sale, news briefs on issues such as health, education, immigration, and policy, and an unannotated list of other Web sites of interest. In English

New York Semanal

All the major portions of this weekly news service link unexpectedly to well-known sites such as CNN en español and PBS Online, but it also includes major sections of En españ and other resources. Worth exploring. Mostly in Spanish, some English; no search engine.

¡Qué hubo!

Massive listing of Colombian and Colombian American businesses and individuals on the Internet. In Spanish, with parallel English language site currently under construction.

El Salvador a Wonderful Country

Lots of links to general information about El Salvador, but also discussion groups, e-journals and other resources by and about Salvadorans in the US. In English.

Lation-Focused Portals & Subject Directories

Bilingual site from San Francisco with full-text news articles, plus business news, health, immigration, culture, and sports. A "quizito" offers lowest-common denominator quizzes on Latino culture and issues.


Yahoo-like directory and search engine dedicated to mostly Latin American and some US Latino website retrieval, from Phoenix, Arizona.

Collection of selected world news stories and miscellaneous services such as shopping, interactive chat sites, Internet guides, games, and related ephemera. This New York site is being described as a Latino portal to the Internet, but beyond the fact of its being in Spanish, as of this writing (8/99) there was not much of interest in terms of specifically Latino or even Latin American content. Worth a browse, but currently not recommended. In Spanish, Portuguese, and (some sections) English.

Yahoo en español

Spanish-language version of Yahoo that focuses on classification and retrieval of websites written in Spanish, with a special focus on Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. Note that US Latino websites (and all Latino-relevant websites) written in English are not included, which means that numerous major US Latino sites are explicitly excluded. In Spanish; includes (very slow) search engine.

From Miami Beach, another Yahoo-like directory WWW search engine, this one obviously named after Yahoo as well. Although the emphasis is on Latin American websites and information, a search feature allows searches for US websites only. Organization of is clean, and retrieval was fast. Its weakness, like that of Qué, is the uneven and unrepresentative selection of sites included in the directory itself. Just the same, it is another directory to watch, particularly if selection is improved.

E-Journals, E-News

El Andar Worldwide

Stylish literary and cultural e-journal hosted by the Electric Mercado. Focus on Chicano and Mexican issues. In English.

Arena Cultural

New e-journal hosted by Chicago's La Raza newspaper includes signed literary essays and profiles of Latino and Latin American authors, musicians, and artists. One previous issue (number 3) is also online (as of 8/99), but a comprehensive index or menuing system has yet to be built to access this or other previous issues directly from the Arena site. In Spanish; no search engine.

Outstanding Latin music radio site, with non-stop music programming available via RealPlayer. Separate stations are currently available for Latin hip-hop, rock en español, banda y mariachi, salsa y música tropical, and Latin pop. Site also includes interactive chat features, playlists, and occasional profiles of artists. Parallel sites in Spanish and in English.


Scholarly articles on environmental health, climate changes, immigration law, politics, and related topics concerning the Mexico - US border. From New Mexico. Fully bilingual with parallel sites in English and in Spanish.

La Campana

Miami newspaper dedicated to "la libertad de Cuba" covers Cuban and Cuban American politics, and many other topics including sports, health, arts & entertainment, and more. In Spanish.

Colombian Post

Colombian, Colombian American, and Latino current news hosted by Holanet and focusing on the Miami area.


Sophisticated lifestyle and news magazine from Burbank that calls itself "una revista para el latino de hoy," targeting topics of interest to many specific Latino groups as well as news that impacts all Latinos. There are sections on society and culture, immigration, the arts, editorials, current news, music, humor, and food. In Spanish, with some sections in English; no search engine.

Crítica: A Journal of Puerto Rican Policy and Politics

Online newsletter that focuses on policy and identity issues, with no holds barred. Individual articles can be accessed via IPRNet's online library. In English. Update:Temporarily offline; see information at IPRNet.

El cuarto del quenepón

Innovative Puerto Rican online creative arts and literary journal, with critical essays. In Spanish (some essays in English only).

Daily Roots Stand

Alternative and innovative electronic newspaper from Brooklyn, NY features "Apartamento 3A" column by Nellie Rosario, who frequently writes on Dominican, Cuban, and Afro-Latin identity issues. Includes interactive chat forum for reader feedback and conversations. In English. Update: Another sad casualty of the new commercially-driven Web. Daily Roots Stand, a portion of the Café Los Negroes site, officially closed down mid-November 1998; some of the articles are still archived at the "Daily Roots Stand" URL linked above.

Del corazón

Latino arts webzine written for educators and young students; produced by the National Museum of American Art and hosted by the Smithsonian's website.

Desde Cuba

Described as uncensored Cuban news; includes numerous links. In Spanish. Still being maintained? Update: Best viewed now (as of summer 1999) only as an archive of Cuba-related news stories from the mid-1990's. Many links broken; a dead artifact incyberspace.

Diario las Américas

Cuban and Cuban American-focused newspaper from Miami , that includes a great deal of Latin American news as well. Includes sections typical to newspapers such as sports and editorials, but also includes "Notas evangélicas and Cuestiones gramaticales. Also includes links elsewhere, with some general US Latino information. In Spanish; no search engine.

En españ

Pan-Latino and Latin American e-zine covers news, sports, food, culture, travel, and other topics, with all articles and information in Spanish. Also includes their lifestyle e-zine, Enterate, which covers many of the same topics. Apparently from Atlanta, GA.

Frontera Literary Magazine

Essential literary e-journal with numerous critical articles and interviews in every issue; focus on Chicano / Mexican American literature and authors. Includes comments and discussion section, plus links elsewhere. In English; no search engine.


Slick and humorous e-zine focuses on first generation Cuban American culture. In English and Spanish. Still being maintained? Update: Now includes some new features, but overall seems to be an elaborate advertisement for subscription. Currently searching for more information on publication and pricing. Stay tuned.

Habaguanex Ciboney: Web Magazine of Cuba in Exile

Includes articles, "factelitos" or little facts about Cuba, movie reviews, poetry, recipes and entertainment for Cuban Americans and exiles; includes extensive links. In English, includes separate Spanish section. Update: Another artifact of the Web that seems no longer to be maintained; archived articles and some of the links are still useful.

Hispanic Business

Electronic version of this business magazine includes links to some of the feature articles and news stories included in the print version. Many stories also include relevant links elsewhere. In English.

Hispanic Online

Electronic version of the well-known magazine (and a direct link to subscription information on Moderna magazine, its spin-off publication for Latinas). "Tesoros del Web" section features random selection of US Latino and many Latin American web sites. In English.


New literary journal edited by critic Ilán Stavans presents online essays on Latin American, Latin American Jewish, and US Latino identities and cultures. Full-text (or in some cases, partial text) of only selected articles available online; all others are citations only. Includes annotated list of Latin American and US Latino (mainly Mexican American) Web sites of interest. In English.


From Miami, literary and cultural e-journal for Salvadorans whose focus is to remember El Salvador "with a smile and with nostalgia;" aimed at all Salvadorans "no importa donde estemos." In Spanish.


New biweekly music e-journal, focusing on Puerto Rican salsa and music of all kinds. Includes interviews, reviews, music charts. In English; no search engine.


Major e-zine provides news, articles, entertainment with focus on many US Latino groups and various Latin American issues; includes bulletin boards and chat forums. In English and some Spanish; includes search engine.

Latin Music ¡OnLine!

One of the best and most extensive Latin music sites with a focus on salsa, tropical, and contemporary Latin pop and rock music. Features interviews, reviews, New York live music club guide, and suggested resources. In English.

Latina Style Magazine

Electronic version of the popular fashion and lifestyle magazine aimed at young Latinas. Full text articles provided for some back issues only; current and more recent issues provide selected table of contents and interactive features, but not the stories or feature articles themselves. In English, with some bilingual features; includes search engine.

Latino USA: The Radio Journal of News & Culture

Excellent site provides access to sound files and some text transcripts of Latino USA's radio recent programs on diverse topics such as Latinos in unions, Colombians in Miami, the political situation in Puerto Rico, and Latino baseball players in the Negro Major Leagues. Requires RealAudio Player, and Adobe Acrobat for some text files. In English. Latino On-Line News Network

News articles of interest to Latinos, in English and in Spanish. Sources of the news include LATNN's wire news service and their superb electronic journal, Gráfico, which includes author interviews, in-depth essays, and opinion pieces. Focus is on many Latino groups, and includes relevant articles regarding Latin American events. In English and Spanish; includes search engine. (For more information about Latino news sites, see my published review from C&RL News.)

National Association of Hispanic Journalists

Features news articles on various US Latino groups and topics in its "Latino Reporter" section; includes professional information for organization members regarding conferences. In English.

El Nuevo Herald Digital

One of the best online daily newspapers, from Miami. Includes Cuban section, news of interest to many Latino groups in the Miami area, as well as international, national, and regional news, cultural information, and services. In Spanish.

El Pueblo Magazine

From Houston, this online magazine describes itself as "...dedicated to all issues in the Houston metro-area Chicano, Latino, and Mexican community. Issues from entertainment to politics and an array of issues in between are covered." Bilingual in English and Spanish; no search engine.

Puerto Rico: Reflections on the Oldest Colony

Digital radio news program from Pacifica Radio Network News focuses on the political status of Puerto Rico and its small island of Vieques, long the site of a U.S. military base whose activities have had a negative impact on the economy and health of local residents. In 1999, the military accidentally shelled and killed a Puerto Rican resident and wounded others. Recorded news features detail protests of the Puerto Rican people seeking to have the base and the U.S. occupancy removed. Requires RealAudio Player. Also includes facts and statistics concerning Puerto Rico and its people. In English.

Pocho Productions' Virtual Varrio

Chicano humor, comic art, and satire. Offers two versions of the website: one laden with JavaScript, audio features, and Shockwave plug-ins, and a stripped down version for the rest of us. In English.

La Prensa de San Antonio

Online weekly edition of this newspaper from Texas. Fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

La Raza On Line

Electronic version of this newspaper from Chicago features articles on regional and national US Latino issues and events, and Latin American news coverage, with an emphasis on Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Colombia. One of the most inclusive newspapers in terms of Latino groups covered. In Spanish, with parallel site in English; no search engine. (For more information about Latino news sites, see my published review from C&RL News.)

El Sol de Texas

Editorials, features, and cultural articles and graphics from the electronic version of this newspaper, the paper version of which has been in existence since 1966. In Spanish (menu items are in English); no search engine.

Urban Latino Magazine

Intelligent and flashy youth-oriented e-journal with long critical articles on music, culture, fashion, politics, and various manifestations of hip-hop ethnic pride, with a special focus on Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Colombians, Cuban Americans, and other Latinos. Includes online bodega that sells t-shirts and other items. In English; no search engine.

Vista Magazine

The electronic version of the newspaper insert familiar to many Latino communities nationwide. Includes articles on prominent Latinos, music reviews, Latino success stories, parenting features, and other topics. In English and Spanish;