Asian American Resources

Asian Pacific Student Programs @ UC Riverside

The Most Comprehensive link to Asian and Asian American Interests on the Net

Hauren: Hauren World Federation

Asian American Cybernauts

One of the very first collections of Asian American Internet resources, dating back to 1995. Main portions are organized by topics such as Community, Culture, Concerns, and Contributions; there are also links to personal home pages and Ramen, a discussion forum. By Wataru Ebihara, an Internet and web pioneer.

Asian American Resources

One of the oldest and and most extensive collections of Asian American web resources of all kinds, developed by web pioneer Robert Irie at MIT.

Info-Surf: Asian American Studies

Good organization of research-oriented Asian American resources, bibliographies, various APA studies programs, and online museums. By Gerardo Colmenar at UC Santa Barbara.

Asian American Studies Resources

Extensive, unannotated list of Asian American studies programs, institutes, and libraries; magazines, journals & newsletters; queer Asian resources; bibliograhies, and other categories. By UC Irvine librarian Daniel C. Tsang.

Hmong Net

Huge and well-organized collection of Hmong resources, news, and information, including publications, human rights information, dictionaries, art and handicrafts, history & culture, and much more.

Little Saigon Net

Organizes information and web links under categories such as community, media, entertainment, and people. Includes links to downloadable fonts and VNI software, radio links, a bookstore, and many other features. In English and in Vietnamese.

Southeast Asian Archive

From the UC Irvine Libraries, this site organizes library materials, guides, digital collections, and web links pertaining to Southeast Asians, including Camodian, Hmong, Lao, and Vietnamese resources.

A. Online

This well-designed portal includes articles and features from A. Magazine, plus typical portal services such as access to channels (arts & entertainment, business, careers, education, lifestyle, news, politics), plus e-mail and other services for members only. Complete full-text of many articles and features are available to subscribers only. A. Online's straightforward privacy policy is easily accessible from the main page, and details what kind of information may be collected from users, and how.

AsianAm Culture

From, a collection of news, links, and familiar portal services. Much of the information on the front page is generic and unrelated to specifically Asian American issues, cultures, or people. Following links under various categories (such as history, education, film, gay / lesbian, religion, etc.) leads to annotated links to relevant resources elsewhere. The privacy policy is listed in the lower right hand corner.

This portal offers chat, e-mail, and messaging features, discussion boards, "free long distance," plus articles and other services. Members only, though a free preview of the portal is currently (as of 5/00) available for non-members. No privacy policy is available on the main page, but is accessible via the free preview.

Asian American Policy Review

Select indexing and abstracts for recent issues of this important public policy journal from Harvard; currently does not include any full-text articles online. However, there are numerous links to Asian American studies programs, associations, and miscellaneous resources.

Excellent online publication with many feature articles, opinions, calendar of events, arts & entertainment and business sections, and news. Includes bulletin board discussions.

Filipinas Magazine

Selected articles are available online, with brief indexing for others. The site also provides information such as community news, bulletin board and chat services, an excellent online museum, and a shop.

Little India

Well-designed electronic version of this magazine. Includes archived issues, a newsletter for subscribers, plus links to online articles and web sites by and about Indians and Indian Americans.

Yisei Magazine

Korean American student-run magazine, from Harvard. Includes full-text essays and editorials from current issues; archived issues online date back to Spring 1992.

Asian Pacific American Politics

Sponsored by the American Political Science Association's section on Race, Ethnicity, & Politics, this site includes a brief bibliography of noteworthy books, and selected links to Asian American studies programs and centers, relevant associations, and miscellaneous sites of interest.